Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Take a Hike...

Close to a decade ago, when I started working,  I have worked right through the night and the day (and mind you, I did enjoy doing that) but several illnesses  and a failed relationship later, I realised that life is not all about meeting targets and achieving workplace success. 
Thankfully, I have migrated to a stage of life where I have decided I need to strike a balance between work and home and slow down, occasionally stopping to smell the flowers and gawk at the Awesomeness of God.
Some simply don't take the clue.

I've always wanted to bond with my family better and my Mom was really the expressive kind of person. She dislikes public (or private) displays of affection, and for some reason that really held me back. I thought she had a barrier against me. But the truth is, she was and still is an incredible person. I miss her. I love her intensely. I intend to make up for the all the lost time, by traveling to see her more often this year.

Though I haven't traveled much, I love traveling alone and I intend to trek and cycle Northern India sometime in the middle of this year. Hopefully and God willing, I should have fun doing all this! 

Want to wrap up this year with another Tour of Nilgiris (and maybe a visit to the Andamans)

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