Sunday, March 06, 2011

Licence to Rape

A recent article I read shocked me. 
'Every third rape in India is in a moving car.'

But why was I not surprised?
A cursory glance in a national newspaper will have atleast one rape that happened in the past week where young (virile) lads decided to have some fun by kidnapping a girl as if they were plucking a flower from a plant, rape her while driving around and then drop her in some God forsaken part of town, letting her get on with whatever is left of her modesty, and life.
Official apathy does not help the cause of the victim either. Cops estimate that only 3 per cent of the perpetrators are strangers which means a staggering 97 per cent of them sons of bitches will probably be your cousin brother(s), uncle(s), neighbor(s), colleague(s) or friend(s).
This also means that the cops will not register your complaint as a rape, that is if you have the guts to actually report it. 

But why cars?
Research shows that most cities in India don't have any laws that prohibit cars from heavy tinted glasses and deafening loud music. 
Raping / assaulting in a moving car gives the perpetrator a huge sense of exhilaration.
That might explain why we still cannot stick to a lane. 
Cars give the rapists a sense of achievement and control. Control because the rapist(s) don't have to get a room, can finish their act in the comfort of their backseat and toss the carcass out in the typical Indian way.

Violence towards women is a very real threat. More so in India than other places that I've lived in.
I've always noticed Indian men in India, are more disrespectful towards women who are well dressed. Many could debate why a woman would need to dress herself up nicely if she didn't want attention from men. Personally, I feel this is a debate that smacks of sexism but what no one stops to ponder is that maybe, women have the same right (and need) to feel pretty as men have the same urge to look dashing.

Carry a pepper spray. Most men would not dare to taste a slap that will blind them.

In the meanwhile, I'm trying to wonder what our culprits and their parents would be thinking.
Assuming that they have any conscience, would they be regretting having bought their son, his first car? Or would they be trying to hush up the case, buy the girl's silence and possibly the rest of her body too?

Too late now, though.

Be safe.

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