Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday, India was still fawning over the Cabinet reshuffle that failed to impress, our sick athletes, the billions that we lost to enterprising ticks, the many railway accidents  and about the fucked up deep shit that we are in.
Yesterday, we were still complacent that we have a task force that should have found and stopped all those terrorist scum that want to kill the people of the most previous nation on earth- We.
Yesterday, we had just wrapped up our sober celebration and rested in the firm belief that we are finally safe.
Yesterday, our corrupt politicians were still praying that the heat be off them.
Yesterday, 21 people dreamt of owning a home, living a long and respectable life with their loved ones.
Yesterday, 100 people were all healthy and looking forward to a great tomorrow.
Yesterday, over a billion people were still reeling from the memories of yesteryear's scars.

But today was another day.
In the life of those who hate freedom.
In the hearts of who want to kill.
In the minds of the wicked.

While people are getting more active and social online, offline it is a an entirely different scenario.
Twitter, FB and G+ are blistering with the first reactions and counter-points.
Our politicians are giving us the usual crap about bringing the guilty to book. Fat Fucking Chance, Mr Politician.
For the rest of the sane among us, this is the reality that we are destined to live with.
Maybe we really need to shut down all those News channels. They are the real culprits. They 'break the news' in a pun that is almost cruel as the crime.
We need to kill sensationalistic journalism*. Like parasites that feed on carrion, our media channels give 'our' Terrorists their 24+ hours of fame.

Enough talk. Enough keyboard activism.
We need action

For more juice on Sensationalistic Journalism, please visit:
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