Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Problems? What Problem? No Problem

'We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control...'
....goes the Pink Floyd song.
It looks like we are a bunch of people who are resistant to instruction, allergic to change, susceptible to greed and mute to corruption.

BS Yeddyurappa, fondly called Yeddy, is the most recent victim to an era of incredibly corrupt politicians.

While it seems like we as a nation are poor, our politicians are in the super wealthy league. How?!
While his political party is fighting the government on serious allegations of graft and nepotism, Yeddy's ouster couldn't have come at a worse hour.

Caught with its hand in the cookie jar, the national political party just proved yet again on what is wrong with the nation's politics.

Why must an tainted minister get to choose who his successor should be?
How does he think he can even justify himself?
Why must we even encourage such rhetoric?
While it is true that you are innocent until proven guilty, how can we let a minister(s) go with just a rap on the knuckles, when presented with such overwhelming evidence of plunder?

All said and much done, I must admit I am vaguely beginning to love and loathe the way our politicians manipulate the lost sheep (aka followers).
Desperately trying to cling on to power and make the most out of his last week in power, Yeddy tried (unsuccessfully) to appoint his cronies to Law enforcement so that when and if he is tried in a competent court of law, he can surely count on the support of some familiar faces and hands.
A simple case of 'You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back' Later.

All the billions of dollars that could have been otherwise used for the good of the people have been siphoned off to offshore tax havens never to be ever seen again.

I wonder why we even waste any more time investigating any of them, since chances are:
a) The investigating agency/officer will not find any real evidence to prosecute the culprits.
b) Money trails are hard to trace.
c) The culprits will almost definitely buy the investigators/witnesses off. With the sheer volume of money at stake, greasing the palms of a few more people will hardly cost the culprits anything.
d) If the track record of our investigative agencies are anything to go by, chances are nearly all of them will be back in power before we can even say 'Guilty'.
e) Public memory is short. We will crib and rant about this only until the next thousand crore scam hits the fan.
Somewhere in Bangalore and some other obscure parts of Karnataka hundreds of politicians are now gathered scheming, plotting, fretting, fraternizing, deliberating, celebrating.
Like veteran magicians, they are plundering our land while they distract us with grand histrionics. 

But on the brighter side, shame on you Poonam Pandey, even Yeddyurappa kept his words and finally resigned.

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