Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When Giants fall

The Power of One
A sudden spate of revolutions that have rocked seemingly stable countries around the world are but a subtle reminder that Giants can still fall.
The thud is hardly pleasant but the ripples that it makes can be felt across the world.
The Middle Eastern crisis, the Libyan conflict, the British riots and now, Anna Hazare.

What newspapers and sheer word of mouth did 70 years ago, FB and twitter did yesterday.
While the newspapers will eventually move on to fresher headlines of how the over rated Indian cricket team under performed, we must not loose our focus.

In a throwback to the colonial freedom struggle, Anna was jailed. They could only break his body. Not his will or his spirit.
Anna may fall victim to his cause. But what is important that his cause must not fail.
With the government trying to suppress freedom that has been constitutionally guaranteed, what remains to be seen is how Team Manmohan (aka Sonia) can explain its actions to 'We the People'
With senior Ministers questioning how just about any random citizen can decide on the constitution, may we remind him the first few lines of how the Constitution of India starts.
For a government that thrives on fattening the lining on its wallets, we need to reiterate how the constitution reminds us that the government is 'For the People'.
For a generation with a short attention span, our freedom struggle must not flounder nor suffer. We must remember that this country belongs to every one of us - 'By the People'

Imprisoning Anna could have been a knee jerk measure, but surely Team Manmohan should have remembered their history lessons.
The consequence- A billion have awakened.
People across demography, age and profession have woken up to what can be a monumental phenomenon. Millions on the streets and this time, the people have united. In single minded determination. A revolution of such gargantuan proportions that you know you are witnessing something historic.
Yes, just maybe corruption will be thing of the past, a story of how India was that our children will tell their children.

But true awakening and real change will come when ordinary people like you and me sharpen our civic senses.

How many times have you bribed your way out of a traffic violation?
How many times have you jumped the red light at nights or when there wasn't anyone looking?
How many times have you stopped to help a victim of an accident?
How many times have we resisted the urge to spit or chuck that garbage bag into an empty plot near your home?
How many times have we have been prejudiced against a fellow Indian based on his caste, creed or demography?

The need of the hour is freedom. A freedom against corruption. Yes definitely.
But also a freedom where we act with responsibility and honesty. Also integrity.
We need a land where we need to participate and work for the common good.

We need to resist the urge to switch our minds off.
We have to act. And the this is just the beginning.

If any of this has spurred you to act, I encourage you to click here to join the cause. Not just in the virtual world but in the real world too.
We better save India while there's still something left to save.

In the meanwhile, our media is doing something right for the first time:

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