Friday, November 04, 2011

Midnight Deceit!

The glorious language that english is, we now have politicians coining new phrases.
When Sushma Swaraj (not to be mistaken for a person who is fighting for freedom) termed the action of the Indian government to increase fuel prices nationwide as midnight deceit (sic), I think she was justing trying to make sure she gets her daily dose of headlines in the papers today.

Why do we have political parties who love to fight each other the moment they are thrown out of power?
Why do we have political parties who is dying to undo the good work (rare as it is) that its rival did when they were in power?

Like a monologue from the movie; Mars Attacks, where Jack Nicholson's character asks the alien ambassador why humans and aliens cannot coexist and live together, I ask: Why can't we have parties who can work together? Why should our politicians react to every act/decision? And most importantly, why do we take all this BS lying down?

Maybe, we just need to insist that we get paid in fuel coupons instead of money. That way, we won't have to listen to all the rhetoric every time prices increase.

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