Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All 'bout the Fun [24/365]

Do you like pranks?
Well, that depends. Are you the planner or the victim?

The most common prank that any of my colleagues could even think of would be hidding your cellphone, sending out hilarious dinner invite, or prank phone call thing.

Playing a prank on complete strangers is not something new. We've been seeing them on TV for ages now.
Now, when I am watching them the shows, where those random good people are being made the butt of our laughter requirement, are they going to be scarred?
Would they, if they encountered, the same situation laugh it off and refuse to help, and look for that hidden camera? Would they let you actually fall off the bridge just because they were traumatized being watching by millions on hidden cameras?
But like they say, it only hurts when you laugh.

I personally think playing pranks are cruel but then once in a while, we come across a prank show so hilarious that you'll even like it on FB! One such prank show is called the 'Benidorm Pranksters'. Seven seniors pranking complete strangers. Avenging all those other shows that prank on unsuspecting seniors, the seniors in BP kicks ass.

Indians are generally not known for the funny. Our wit is dryer than a prune in autumn.
But as if reading my mind, India finally got the funniest channel from the other side of the Pacific - Comedy Central.

Let's LOL to that!

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