Sunday, January 08, 2012

Forever and ever... [7/365]

A term that we throw about, 'forever'ness is such a wonderful thing.

I've often wondered whether we even understand the meaning of the word.

Marriages are a favorite event when couples promise to love and cherish each other forever and ever.
But have they even fanthomed how long 'that' could be?
But that really does not matter to anyone at that moment. The parents of the couple just want to get this over with. The friends and relatives too, so that they can continue with the festivities. And the couple, well they are too emotionally blinded to even venture a guess.

Now, I am sure there are plenty of marriages that have lasted a proper lifetime. But there are a growing number of marriages that have lasted a lot lesser than 'forever'.
And when I do hear about the quickie marriages and quicker divorces, I'm reminded of how king David tells us how God is the only 'forever and ever' that you can count on. (Read Psalms 19:1-7)
For real.

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