Friday, January 06, 2012

Hacks! [5/365]

45,000 Facebook users lost their peace of minds last Friday.
Users, mainly in Britain and France, had their login details stolen by common hacks. (Read article)
I guess a news like this would have made international headlines for and triggered a panic wave across the world, a few years ago.

But in a world where we are constantly living on the edge, this barely made a ripple. So this is fine, you know. 
We somehow believe that this is not going to happen to us and won't affect us in any way... Until it does.

While Facebook would have fixed the backdoor trap and restored access of accounts to it's rightful owners, I am hoping the lightening does not strike twice.

Somehow, if all the dirty bombs or other "weapons of mass destruction" does not trigger a global conflict, such random acts of virtual ambush will. 

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