Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Reunion [20/365]

An artist rendition of The Judgement Day
If you would ask a Christian what is their least favorite book in the Bible, chances are that the answer will be the book of Revelation.
Revelations, the final book in the Bible, reveals the end times and the coming of Jesus Christ as the rightful and just King of the new Earth and Heaven.

Recently, preparing to go for the 10th reunion at my college, I was overcome with anxiety. I had to be dressed to impress many of whom I'd met over a decade over. I was excited to finally meet the people who shared over 3 years together.

In Revelations 19:1-9, we see John's narration of how Jesus is exulted both in Heaven and earth, after the fall of the harlot.
We see how He is praised for His righteous judgement of Earth and the great harlot who corrupted His people with her fornication.

Would you be a nervous wreck waiting to meet your Creator or would you be excited that you are finally meeting Him.
While I took great care to prepare for my college reunion, I was less anxious since I was already invited.

But will I be invited to the reunion dinner in Heaven?
Will all my loved ones be there with me?

These are pertinent questions that will make me anxious.
Not all who call on His name will be counted but those who believe in Jesus alone.


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