Monday, February 27, 2012

Devoid of morals [57/365]

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Predictably the past month or so has been bad for feminists and women's rights across nation.
Our grim statistics seems intact and you'd hardly pass a day when a rape is not in the news. So when a recent gang rape made the headlines, I sat up and uttered a silent prayer.
The incident was disturbing and a chilling reminder why Uttar Pradesh will remain the rape central of India. (Read the sordid story here)

In the West, suspects and victims are treated with respect. The term 'innocent until proven guilty' makes much sense in a society that gives it's citizens the right to live in dignity. What the cops did in this routine gang rape was to err in judgement. By making a statement that smacked of sexism, they created a bad precedent and an unholy mistake that will forever deter victims from seeking justice.

If gang-raping a defenseless girl is not gruesome enough, the state administration's actions have scarred the girl and her family for many generations to come.
Gone are the days when women used to be treated with respect.
And what is it with gang rapes? Are the rapists of today too weak to do the deed solo?

We cannot blame men with raging hormones fed on a rich diet of sleazy bollywood movies, western porn and desi MMS's when they rape. They have been programmed to think that raping women who either appear easy/hard to get/poor or simply in need of a good f%&$ is acceptable and necessary. They wrongly believe that the women are secretly enjoying the rough sex in the backseat of their cars while they are driving around the city.

Had this been in the West, I am pretty sure heads would have rolled. What the administration did must be punished. 
While this incident will become yesterday's news in a couple of days, what remains to be seen is how the victim and her family will stack up with all the stigma that is coming their way.

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Anonymous said...

I really liked the way you laid bare the facts. Especially how lightly rape is taken by the administration. It's really a pathetic state of affairs...

Seema said...

Its really a serious problem facing by girls these days and the worst part is that in 90%cases police and even the family members also don't give their support...

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