Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The difficult month [31/365]

I hate tongue twisting words. Especially when it is a month.
Welcome to 'Febru-vary'
Its that month of the year when we begin to feel settled in after a boisterous January. 
That month when moderately lazy Christians would start packing up their Christmas decorations and begin finding space in the attic for the Christmas tree.
That month when investment managers and tax planners get into a frenzy and stop spending hours on FB. It's that time of the year when single guys start working out and almost single girls start playing tough to get.
February is also that time of the year when married men across the world are expected to pull up a rabbit out of the hat and bowl his mate off her feet and when their wives become even more mysterious and prefer to throw subtle clues of what can bowl her off the feet. 
The month of red hearts and great valentine day discounts.
Ofcourse, no one really wants to know about those men/women who are going to cheat on their partners over the course of this month, so everything is just fine.

Ahh! February. You've either failed your new year resolutions already or are about to.
A bad time of the year to quit smoking because your annual appraisals have either ruined your peace of mind or are about to. 
When the Indian government is about to kick off its annual exercise in fiscal 'truth or dare'.

Difficult or not, all's well because love, even the superficial kind of love, conquers all your fears.

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