Thursday, February 16, 2012

Impeached [46/365]

While we gawk and whisper in hushed tones of how politicians in the West are corrupt, I wonder how the rest of the world are talking about us. Nearly every politician in India today has corrupted and connived to stay in power.

But our skewed relationship with uncanny politicians have kept them in office far longer than they should have.
While we proudly consider our press free and speech liberal, I doubt if we can pull down a corrupt politician without bringing our economy to a grinding halt.
When the Americans pulled up Clinton and when the Germans forced its scam tainted President down (read how they did it here), I wonder if we looked inside us to see what ails us.

Surely, corruption is not Indian, but being complacent is. Our complacence has allowed us to be occupied, looted and slaved for hundreds of years.
If the British had occupied us for hundreds of years and shipped an endless amount of treasures back to their homeland, I don't see how things have changed 70 years later. We surely have managed to extricate the parasite, but in the process have mutated into something more malicious. Our politicians, businessmen and celebrities have systematically looted billions of dollars out of India. Stashed away in tax havens, I wonder if we'll ever get to see any justice being served here.

Do we have it in ourselves to be fair and just?
Can we punish the guilty and not assume they will reform by a mere slap on the wrist?
I realize that we are not the best democracy but we surely have all the right textbooks with us. Being in the land of non-violence, I'm sure we can adapt and improvise.

Is it a tall order to expect our politicians be accountable to us, the people?
We might have given the world Gandhi, but we have much to learn about our cousins in the West too.

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