Saturday, February 04, 2012

Spiritual Death [34/365]

Death is a mournful thing.
While some see it coming, others have it decided for them. But all of us will keep our date with death.

While the 'sudden and unexpected' death of someone you knew could be heartbreaking, a death in the family is something that can crumple a person, from inside and out.

But what about spiritual death?
If you know someone who is struggling with sin and temptation and refuses to reform, do you mourn for them?
In the Bible, we see Jesus raising the dead many times. The Bible does not tell us what became of the people who He raised from the dead. And personally, I don't think that would matter.

The book of Genesis tells us how He breathed into the dust and we were formed in His image. And later we read how we are destined to return to dust (Genesis 2 - 3). Somewhere down the long line of evolution, we've muddled up our purpose on earth. We glorify our bodies. In vain, we think how fat / thin we are is what matters. We chase diets and cosmetics in search of that elusive fountain of youth. We spent all our waking hours dreaming about fitness.
Instead of nurturing a healthy soul in a healthy body, we've made food our sole reason for existence.

Today's world is filled with people who'd rather have a healthy breakfast in the morning than spent five minutes in conversation with God. How much longer can we delay our need for God in our lives?

Nearly all of us hate funerals. Not our own, but of others 
My Dad never wore his black rhinestone wedding ring to a funeral because it was considered inauspicious.
I know people who go through ritual bathing after they return from a funeral service. Because they want to cleanse themselves off the karma of the dead.
Insane as that sounds, this is not going to do anything for the dying spirit that we all carry within us.

I still don't cherish the thought of the day when my Mom or a family member passing on, but the least we can do is live a life that is spiritually immortal.

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