Friday, February 17, 2012

Talking shop [47/365]

Men and women are wired differently. No sh*t.
My wife loves sharing how the day went and recounting the good and bad of her day at work. I on the other hand, rarely have the energy to talk shop by the time I return.
While she finds recalling everything that happened that day very therapeutic, I find it unnecessary and believe leaving work back at the workplace. I sometimes find it dreary to listen to every minute of what happened. Not because I am not interested, but because it takes a lot of effort to be an active listener after a hectic day at work and through city traffic.

I may not like talking shop, but I enjoy sharing my day, thoughts and plans with God. I may not be able to see Him. I don't even know how He looks, but I do know that He is listening to me. I know that He is interested, and an active listener. I know that how my day went matters to Him.
My Rock and my salvation, He is my fortress. (Psalm 62) With His unfailing love and in the comforting knowledge that we can safely rest all our anxieties and fears in Him, I know that He is all ears.

Unfailing, patient - He is just the kind of person who waits to hear from you every single day of your life.

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