Monday, March 19, 2012

birds and bees [78/365]

Our pet Australian finches are a naughty pair.
They have been mating prolifically for the past couple of months. Not entirely unexpected since they are known to be very active breeders. But as wild as birds are supposed to be, they are very discreet about when and how they do their act.

Human beings on the other hand are not known for the discreetness. We are conceived, born and then grow up to be promiscuous teenagers and sex-starved adults.
Studying in a school abroad 15 years ago, we had a sex ed in our 10th grade. I remember how we all giggled when our teacher taught us about ovaries and the testes. If all our amazement made Ms Juliet uncomfortable inside, she didn't show. She was detailed enough to answer all our curious questions while not scarring nubile minds. Those where the times when we didn't have nor were allowed access to the Internet.

So, it comes as a shock when youngsters and adults of today ask questions like the ones below:

1 I am 24 years old. I enjoy a good sex life with my girlfriend and I am happy with the size and hardness of my erection. I have heard that after a certain age, the hymen of the penis breaks, but in my case it has not happened as yet. I’m worried that it will it create problems in the future. Please help.
Sexpert's Answer: The male organ does not have a hymen, so it can’t be broken. The connection of the foreskin to the penis certainly remains intact.

2 I am 21 years old. For the past couple of years, I have been suffering from nightfall. It keeps happening at least three to four times in a week. Will this affect my future sex life? I masturbate once a week. Please suggest a technique or a medicine by which it will stop.
Why stop it? It is an indication that your testes are producing sperms very well. You can increase masturbation and the night fall will stop.

3 I underwent an abortion 13 months ago. The doctor prescribed a few pills for the procedure. I was one-and-a-half months pregnant then. I am going to get married within the next six months. Will my future husband know that I had to abort a kid? Is there any test or medical check-up that can reveal the matter? 
It will not but his suspicion of you not being a virgin can arise.

At what point of reading these questions, were you appalled at the lack of knowledge.
Maybe, these could be ghost written questions, written just for the purpose of keeping the readers interested. After all, who can deny the entertainment that these columns provide.

For all those who oppose teaching sex ed in schools and colleges, I wish they read the many many questions that come on forums like this. In an age where we are constantly connected, with knowledge and titillation at our fingertips, I wonder how long we can pretend that all is well with our education system.

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