Sunday, March 04, 2012

Blundering amongst the Himalayas- Prelude [63/365]

As an Indian, China holds a very unique relationship in our hearts.
Never a buddy, not an enemy yet.
While India's relationship with China has thawed in the last decade or so, behind all the bonhomie and diplomacy lies an uneasy truth of deception and corruption.

Of all the wars that India has fought, the crushing Indo Sino war is India's Vietnam. And being a huge fan of 'war novels', it is only recently I was introduced to a 'Himalayan Blunder', a non-fiction account by Brigadier John Dalvi, who fought and was captured by the Chinese as a POW.
A gripping book just by the description, I am waiting to read the book so that I can review it.

In the meanwhile, read about the book here.

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