Thursday, March 01, 2012

Just did Nothing [60/365]

Invited by Sameer, Linger! came highly recommended from a few people who'd stayed there.

The website was elegant and uncluttered, a real surprise considering how similar vacation homes are quite 'in-your-face'. Sameer, a biking buddy I met at TfN and co-founder, was incredibly detailed with what to expect and not.
Armed with just the directions to Linger, we rode the 350 odd kms in 12 hours. That's right!
Harish, the caretaker/concierge and overall good guy with an effortless smile was waiting for us. Infact, he was expecting us for lunch, while we reached in time for dinner. The cook prepared our dinner while we took that much needed shower. Detoxed, we were ready for some chicken curry that was perhaps the second most tastiest curry I've tasted (no marks for guessing the tastiest curry).

We were given the master Guest house, which was set amidst a positively idyllic courtyard just a stone's throw from a paddy field on the left and coffee on the right.

Maybe it was the weather, or maybe it was the lighting inside the rooms, or maybe it was the way the rooms were as rustic as they were spacious. We thought we just entered another dimension!

To ears that wake up with the sounds of loud neighbors, chatty crows, insensitive drivers and endless traffic, waking up at Linger was just what the physician prescribed. You can never seem to get enough of the million birds that chirp and tweet (no pun intended) through the day. This must be like how it is in heaven!

Harish is a wonderful concierge. Always around when you need him. Intuitive yet unobtrusive.
Girija, the cook stays close to Linger with her family, was always eager to cook for us. So whether it was chicken, or the legendary pandi curry or endless bajjis over coffee, she always had that smile on her face. No dish too big.

But Linger is not for all. You'll find much of the furniture and accessories very minimalistic, rustic yet appropriate.
So what exactly is Linger?!
Linger is that place you go to if you are Writer in search of some peace and quiet. Also works if you are simply looking to detox your creativity.
You'll get to rub shoulders with nature minus the nightmare.
A place where you should go to when you've had enough of the rat race and you want to slow down.
...and just do nothing.
Don't expect a swimming pool, newspapers or a television. And rightly so. While we had our reservations on how we could wean ourselves from our addictions to the TV and my daily dose of headlines, its amazing what a few days can at Linger can accomplish. We found our bodies and minds adapting to the cool crisp evening breeze and the timeless pace of nature faster than a duck to a pond.
While we were there, we lost track of time.

And before we knew it, it was time for us to return to an ordinary life.

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