Tuesday, March 06, 2012

PornStars [65/365]

Sex sells.
And no matter which country you're in, this will always be true.

You'll find the most incredibly beautiful people in South America. And if you're not born beautiful, well, there's always plastic surgery.
South America has always been an interesting place to be.
And it just got a lot more interesting.

Mexico City's Annual Sex Expo, is the largest of its kind in the continent. Being a predominantly Catholic country, you'd assume that the people would not want such an event. Reality: The expo's first edition in 2004 drew 80,000 visitors.
This year, the five day event that kicked of on the 29th Feb is estimated to draw more than 100,000 people.

So what's all this about?
During the expo, men and women can audition for roles in a porn flick. The finalists get to act in one that will be made in just eight hours, which will be promoted on the website of the company that conducts this expo. But if you don't make it to the bed, you can still satisfy yourself with a wide range of products and entertainment options.
The Expo which opened on Wednesday in a 27,000 sq ft mall in Mexico city expects to earn about 2 million dollars.

For a fee of 17 Mexican dollars, this is value for money, if you ask me.
Now, before you go googling for more pictures on the Expo, here are some statistics that might interest you.

The global porn industry is estimated to generate earnings of around 57 billion dollars a year. An estimated 30 million people log on to porn web pages, and we can safely assume that India contributes to a third of this.

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