Monday, April 30, 2012

April Ahoy! [120/365]

So here we are as another month comes to a glorious end.
And in the time-tested tradition of this blog, we review the vomit.

For India, April turned up the heat, and literally so.
Many parts of India have seen the mercury rising faster than it's inflation.
But we were in for a plenty of surprises too.

Dirty word of the month: Shock

Jennifer Love Hewitt, famous for her roles in 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' as the busty jumpy teenager, caused a controversy when pictures of her famous cleavage were digitally doctored to show a more 'respectably sized' mammaries. If you ask me, I'd say they knew our Censor Board well.

I slept through an earthquake I was supposed to feel. But much of India ran out of their homes, offices, bathrooms and boardrooms in panic. Rather fortunately, no casualties were reported and much of India resumed work after an unscheduled break.

Continuing our hate psychosis with the girl child, another well publicized girl baby was poisoned and killed in Bangalore. Thank God, I found a girl and married her. The time is not very far away when our grooms will not have any more brides to wed.

Agni 5. The Subcontinent's obsession with fire continues. And we still don't know which came first - the Chicken or the Egg. Unlike with dossiers, Pakistan responded positively with Shaheen.

And staying with Pakistan, a domestic airline crashed. One of those rare deaths not caused by it's local brand of terrorists. The time is nigh to curb accidents caused by sheer greed and negligence. Knowing how the company that owns the aircraft went about it's business, I am pretty sure all this will be hushed up very fast and the owner of the company will be basking in a non extradition country in a few months from now.

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