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Do not try this at home [94/365]

NOTE: This post might contain sections that might offend your sensibility. 
Reader discretion is advised.

In a matriarchal society like Kerala, rapes were (note the tense) a rarity. Women were the more respected among the gender. One of the most oft heard rhetorical statement meant to put any adventurous man into shame was - 'Don't you have mothers and sisters in your family?'

But that was in the past.
Back from one of my trips to Kerala, I could see the difference. Politicians are public enemies of the young women.
Bus stations and roads are fair ground for gropers who lurk. I've heard stories of middle-aged married women who were groped in buses and were passed lewd comments and gestures while passing them on the street.
Ofcourse these men do have mothers, sisters and wives.
Source: CreativeCommons
Off all the women who I know has been preyed upon and victimized by ruthless men, Furuta Junko's is the one that stands out in my mind as the epitome of what men are capable of.

Furuto is a school girl who became a victim of cultural violence.
Abducted on her way to work by four teenagers and brutally raped in the most unimaginable way until she died of the torture 44 days later. (Read about the torture here)

Why did Furuka unwittingly spur on the boys into torturing her more?
Why didn't the perpetrators display any signs of remorse or conscience?
Why were the parents and neighbors silent and unwitting spectators to such a crime?
And more importantly why didn't the justice system deliver?

We cannot really blame the perpetrators nor the victim of what happened.
I believe Japan's deep rooted cultural references influenced a crime this grotesque.

One of the perpetrators were a low level yakuza leader.
The Yakuza, the Japanese mob, was and is still highly feared and respected, depending on who you ask. With the government unwilling to step in to curb the influence, the yakuza grew. Much of how the yakuza grew in power and might is also one of the reason why Japan is extremely resilient. In the years following the devastating nuclear attack that ended the WW2, the yakuza made sure that the people got their lives up and running.

During the ordeal, Furuka was gang raped by hundreds of men, was beaten and her teenaged body ravaged in unimaginable ways. Ways that I've only seen and heard happening during wartime. Why?
The answers lie in the most unlikeliest places - Porn.
In Japanese porn, like porn anywhere else, the girl is often a teenager.
But unlike porn in the West, the girls in the Japanese porn are portrayed as weak, timid and scared yet silently and secretly wanting a good 'session'. The lady will always put up a fight, request to be left alone and in peace, yet give in to the man's physical dominance. The lady is forced to strip often in full view of a dozen or more men watching her. What follows is a good measure of foreplay, if it can be termed that. The lady will be forced to masturbate herself while the men proceed to insert dildos, vibrators of every color, size and intensity inside her vagina. Some of the movies will even display extreme bondage and S&M. Apparently S&M movies are a wild rage in the Orient. The women in these movies often take part in group sex with as many as 50 men, all of whom will ejaculate inside her. Through the entire ordeal (which can take an hour or so) the lady will moan, cry and sob in 'pretend' pain (many of the performers have even perfected the art of faking a moan and to quiver in pleasure as the man ejaculates inside her). What is unmistakable is the degree (and the similarities) of the violence that the men inflict on the woman.

While many of us will not like to admit this, this is not something endemic only to Japan.
Coincidentally, many 'desi' MMS's and much of the amateur porn that circulate the internet today is a very grim reminder of the amount of violence, perversion and voyeurism in the society today. Many young men who watch such clips and movies are addicted to the notion that women enjoy being violently raped. They are addicted to the idea of having an orgy with a single woman. While some of them will never rape a lady, most of them who have the means and the time will do the deed. Judging by the number of posts and kind of comments within adult forums, raping a girl (teen) or a lady and taking a video of you doing it is highly expected if you want to be a raging stud online.
As a result, pictures of cleavage, navel and nipples of unsuspecting women are flooding the internet in a way that was unimaginable just a few years ago. Clips from hidden cameras at hotel rooms, changing rooms, shower rooms are a common place online. On a recent visit to Goa, my wife found a hidden camera in a changing room at a very popular bikini showroom. When we pointed this out to the female shop assistant, she was nonchalant and brushed it off as a non incident. The voyeur turns into the perpetrator and the cycle continues.

In a circle where the real becomes reel and vice versa, men are recording what they do, how they do it and who they are doing it with, with less impunity and more bravado. Forums have posts boasting the frequency of updates ('daily updates', some declare),  the date, time and place of the act.

In the west, as people become more aware and vocal against such incidents, corporations and individuals have been working towards correcting our tendency to imitate art (pun intended). In one of the most eloquent instances of how one corporation has been making a mark, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been running a campaign for many years warning, coercing and encouraging viewers and fans to not attempt any of the stunts or fights they see on the show at home, school or anywhere. And it's worked. Statistics show that violence imitating the WWE fights have come down in many parts of America. Many Adult movie producers and performers encourage safe sex and discourage sexual violence. While sorority date rapes and drunk orgies will still continue, many youngsters are more careful about what happens and when than a couple of years ago if the current Spring breaks are any indication. The wet TShirt competition and spontaneous public displays of sexuality are less popular than until a few years ago.

While no one's advocating absolute abstinence, the balance of society fails when men and boys try what they see on TV, in movies and on the internet on women no matter who you are.

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