Sunday, April 08, 2012

GuestSpeak: Di De

When it comes to India the third largest political party can arguably be the Communist Party of India and people of similar Ideology. But the strange thing is that in a large country such as India they only seemed to have found some place to stand in three of its constituencies. And I don’t think many will disapprove of me when I say that Bengal was their bastion up until recently when they lost it to Trinamool Congress badly.

I admire the woman- Mamata Banerjee, Though sometimes she can be as arrogant as a duchess she does have a rapport with the crowd. The one bold thing she did recently is the elimination of Marxist ideology and references to Karl Marx from the state run syllabus. I am pretty sure in the long ---- years the communist party have single-handedly administrated this region managed to fill in the text books with abundance of information about Karl Marx and his ideologies.

But then again there is a catch; there is always a catch, a point of perfect balance that has to be attained. A sort of line in the path of action, something that differentiates vandalism from wisdom. The question is, Do you really want to delete it all away after all? Karl Marx and communism has played a definite and significant role in the cultural and life of the Bengalis. It’s a part and way of life and hence a significant part of their life. Karl Marx was a great ideologist and his ideas are worth spreading but it should at no point become an advertisement for a political party. There you should draw the line.

What concerns me is not that she has taken the bolder stance but whether she wants to use the newly attained power to use the state run education system as a platform to nurture her future party workers or does she want to take the higher road and design a prolific education system that states fact for fact and aims to fulfill the promise of unbiased education.

Only time will tell what she will chose to become. A down to earth person such as she would hardly fall now and I for the betterment of all humanity do pray that she take the later choice. Education has been for long been an ad space for the political parties and a change is always welcome.

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
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