Sunday, April 22, 2012

GuestSpeak: The French way forward

The elections are all set to culminate in France and all minds are wondering who would come to rile the nation ones ruled by the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte. The superficial ends there, but subtle realities present itself in the minds of its citizens with shocking bareness. The country is not in its best times, may not be its worst of times, with no Hitler to run over them and no external threads from its old enemy and new friend Britain, it’s not their worst times they have more serious problems troubling them unlike having a child at the throne this time its way more serious.

The French economy has not done much progress in the last decade; instead it was decadence that one would see in the socio-economic climate of the nation, its apathetic growth rate, the absence of virtually any trade, a utter lack of competition in the world export market, the swindling public deficits. The New France is much more inward looking, much more concerned with its own problems than its former time and rightfully so.  The nation who politics was once influenced by the factors outside its borders, like the al Qaeda, the Iraq and so can no longer afford to be ignorant of the burning in its own stomach. The New France is a narcissist. 

This electoral campaign has been wildly influenced by ideas relating to and limited to ‘French’ only, in fact a populist candidate has promised its youth all the wonderful things under the sun, if it opts to quit the euro zone, drive away its foreigners and do away with the Wall Street. This is a dramatic reversal from what the French elections were fought on the previous years and it’s very worrying.

The contending parties are as always The Conservatives and the Socialists, and the result of this election with hang in a delicate balance and far beyond the realm of predictability will have far reaching repercussions both inside and outside the nation of France or even Europe. The French is us unpredictable as it can get, after all, all of them have a spirit of revolution in their blood and it has to come out some time or the other.  It may be the same as in 1981 when France rejected the paths set by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan only to return to it in two years’ time. With this time be any different, only time will tell.

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
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