Sunday, April 29, 2012

GuestSpeak: An Italian Job

‘Enrique Lexie’ is a name that we are very familiar with, the Italian oil tanker whose marines shot a couple of Indian fisherman. The fate of the marines who are currently in  prison in Kerala are not one that is to be worried about, they are being treated well by our ‘foreign’ obsessed police force and the judicial verdict taken care by our money driven advocates and prosecution.

The recent high court comment was worth notice; it opened its sentence with a precise remark. “Money made them forget everything” pointed out the court in the wake of dismissal of charges by the accuser after getting a very fat check. The high court is absolutely in the right in demanding a large sum from them for making a mockery of the Indian Judicial system and wasting its time. I would say it could have considered a few divorce petitions in this time and it could have been of a greater worth than this
pointless exercise.

For a recap, this is the unfolding of the drama in a nutshell. On the 2nd of March, Italian Marines placed abroad the Italian oil tanker “Enrique Lexie” shot at an Indian fishing boat killing two of the fishermen hailing from Kerala in India. The state government of Kerala was swift, the made the ship anchor of coast and arrested the two Italian marines responsible. The incident attracted international fame or at-least the attention of Italy, Italy was quick in response sending in their Minister and ambassador to India to handle the situation. But till a week ago it looked as if the perpetrators of this horrible crime would get the rightful punishment and justice would be served to families of the deceased.

But things took a downward turn when the SAC of India came out with a statement that baffled everyone, He said that the ship was outside the Indian Jurisdiction and India had no right what so ever to try the ones who killed two Indians in cold blood. This reckless single statement literally nullified all progress the prosecution has made in the case that already by reached the Supreme Court. The case still persisted due to the will of some of the parties involved But Italy was smart enough. They offered the families an offer they could not refuse, a cheque of Rupees 1 crore each, something that could set them
for life and just as we know it they accepted. I don’t know whether I could blame them? Rupees 1 crore is a large sum especially for a fisherman and his family.

The Italians did a real good job. The fact remains that the Italian marines are going to walk away as free as they ever have been, but the question poses a greater question before us, Does as the rest of the world say both in private and public that, Does Indian’s really have a price tag?

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
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