Saturday, April 28, 2012

The house of god [118/365]

Sachin with the symbol of Congress.            source: cricbuzz
Hurray! 2012 is indeed proving to be a great year for Sachin.
He finally got his 100th 100 and everyone popped the bubbly. Even the Bangladeshi's.
Sachin famously slammed his critics who goaded him to retire. Retirement? What retirement?

The aging superstar signed on a few more endorsements that will pay for his great grand daughter's wedding.
Just when you thought you'd heard (and had) enough of him, bang! Today's newspaper tells me we'll have to hear more.
Congress has signed up er.. nominated him for Rajya Sabha. (Read the top news here).

For those who bunked their Civic Studies/Political Studies classes in school/college, Rajya Sabha (also abbreviated to RS) is the upper house of the Parliament and has a total of 250 members, of which 12 are chosen by the President of India for their exceptional track record in arts, literature, science, sports and social service.

Not known for his oratorical or rhetorical skills, Sachin as a RS member is one of those questions that make you moan in silent agony.
For a sportsperson who is on the road for over 200 days in a year, I wonder how Sachin is going to punch in his attendance.
With a tendency to pick up injuries as easily as Ted Bundy picked up prostitutes, how is he going to fight for the welfare of sports in this cricket crazy nation?
But this does look like a massive effort at buying a brand ambassador for a government that is falling apart at the seams.
Or is this a sign that he is finally thinking of retiring as a superstar cricketer to start as a celebrity politician?

Whatever it is, India now has a new temple for it's god.

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