Saturday, May 12, 2012

Atithi Devo Bhava [132/365]

source: crimeanddeviance.
Today, I read an article that is bad news for Incredible India. A french tourist was raped before she died of an drug overdose. What is uncanny is how this death has gone under-reported in a country that is obsessed with rapes and murders a la Aarushi.
Searching for more information, I could barely find any mention of this gruesome murder but I did manage to dredge up a wealth of information and grim reminder on how our 'nation of extremes' is female unfriendly.

Four years ago, on a cold February morning, British teen was found half nude and dead in a Goan beach.
What followed were months of 'finger pointing' and insensitive journalism. While Indian media picked on the 'bohemian lifestyle' of the teen, her childhood, her family and her sexuality, the British harped on how sexual abuse is a common occurrence in India. All was fair in rape and grim murder.
Many years later, when the guilty were brought to book all was forgotten.

The government tried damage control but it was too little, too late. While there is a lull in raping foreign tourists, our women are not faring too well either.
To think we have always projected ourselves as a nation that cares for and loves it's strong women, rapes like this are really bad for a whole lot of reasons.

Officially, we've had an average of one rape every quarter since the turn of the century. Unofficially, the numbers could beat Sachin's batting records.

Strangely, we are still the only country that wants to call itself the house that welcomes and treats it's guests as God. But looking at the statistics, we are more like demons waiting for our meal of flesh.

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