Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Games Men Play [136/365]

Men need crutches. Men need religion.
In India, Cricket makes for a lousy crutch.
In a sport that is played by a dozen countries, it would seem easy to excel. It should be easy to resist the lure to cheat. Sigh!
Indian cricket has always been mediocre. Driven by corporate greed and short shelf-life, players who break into the big league find it hard to resist the lure of million dollar betting scams.
And just in time. A day after a national television sting on a bunch of players in the IPL, Indian cricket's governing body BCCI seems to be reading statements from it's time-tested book of PR responses.

Predictably, there will be an inquiry commission. Suspects will be framed, arrested and released. Allegations will fly. Denials will follow and the whole scam will have a shorter public memory than that of a housefly.
And until the next scam all the players will go back living a life less ordinary.
This is the mystery of our religion. We know our gods are less than perfect. Yet, we'd rather let them be than regret worshiping them.
The Poster boy of Indian betting Source: AFP

Among the many things that ail our public conscience our endorsement of sports-persons who sully the spirit of sport is what makes us look bad. We know what

needs to be done to punish temptation. It's been done before, but the fact that we have newbies indulging in this sin is a dangerous trend. In the corporate

world, when freshers who start a career indulge in unethical behavior, the employee is terminated and made an example of.
In public life, however, there will be an inquiry and an acquittal.
No matter what.

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