Sunday, May 06, 2012

GuestSpeak: Presidential Comedy

The Hindu dated 5th May 2012 carried a very curious cartoon in its Editorial Page today. The Cartoon featured an elite art camp with our dear leaders both from let right and everywhere in between teasing their right brain. They were trying out impressions of a statue that was wrapped up in a white cloth. So what significance would this cartoon draw, none! Had it not been given the caption “The president”. The cartoon vividly describes the nation’s political debauch!
source: The Hindu

We live in a very dangerous political environment. Before us lies the reality of a politics that is quintessentially ‘spine-less’ in nature, where decision making means compromising everything to maintain power and policy making is preserving the interests of the politicians and never that of the nation. I don’t know whether there can be a better mockery of democracy than the present selection criteria and methodology of the election of a president in India. Our selection process is baseless, bountiful of covertness and a mockery of the enterprise of democracy.

Our political parties place a puppet in the ultimate chair of power in India, every time carefully selecting the most non-responsive, least active person to command our armed forces. There have been exceptions and in the initial years this method has produced some of the finest leaders in India’s history but the times are different now. Then there was a sense of nation willingness and patriotism was abundant in supply, we just won independence, we just achieved freedom remember? Some of the finest men who were instrumental in our struggle for freedom later took to the helm of India and all were just fine, But as India progressed it stated to forget it’s on past and ‘moved on’ and in the hurry to be a world power it has forgot its value and it’s rulers has succumbed to the ill effects of power.

We live In the times of coalition reality where public good takes a back seat and the ensuring that the coalition remains a coalition is considered the first priority in today’s politics. To please each one they do something slanderous and our presidential election is no different. I believe that we should follow the way presidential elections go in US where the people have a higher role to play. Its time our presidential elections stop happening in the citadels of power and come down to the ‘amm aadmi’. The revival of Indian politics would take time and a whole lot of will power; I doubt that there is any sign of such a drastic change in the foreseeable future for now. India has been forever the flag bearer for democracy and in order to remain like that we need to act urgently to resolve any institutions that could possibly be driving it away.

Written for 'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' by our guest blogger Rupertt Wind.
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