Thursday, May 24, 2012

Petrol on a roll [144/365]

Back when I first arrived in India in '96, a litre of petrol cost just Rs 25/-. I'd even put four litres of fuel out of the pocket money I got every week.
Over the years, I've learned to worry less about the cost of the fuel I put since I've always owned vehicles that were very fuel efficient.
Reading about the latest fuel price hike. I wonder how many of us are really going to change our fuel guzzling ways. Will you stop buying that SUV? Will you stop buying that 150CC motor bike? How many of us will pick up a cycle to commute? Hardly.

While the current price hike is admittedly the steepest, this will not matter in a few months.
Over the past couple of years, we have been fed on a steady diet of hikes in small measures. State owned oil companies have been calling the shots for a very long time when it comes to how much and when they would like their 'bonuses'. Over time, we have become immune to hikes that are irrational and unreasonable. We have come to accept that this is necessary for our companies to survive, and flourish. The government has deliberately let the currency
weaken over the past four years and earned the notierity of slipping even when we could buck up.

So, as Indians flock to fuel stations to tank up their bikes and cars, I ask the pertinent question- Is this hike warranted?
Chances are you will never get a straight forward answer to this, no matter who you ask.

All said, with the kind of protests coming the government's way, I can almost predict there will be a partial rollback soon.
Shocked and Awed!

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