Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Remembering Osama [122/365]

Today, is one year since the most feared man in modern history was killed.
Pretty bad day for everyone who worshiped Satan in flesh.
Osama (Bin Laden) was terminated in a way that could inspire video games of the future.

source: Blogs @ canoe.c
The Americans popped their bubbly and made merry. But can you really blame them for that? Beneath the skin, all Americans are really just white, English speaking, pancake eating, credit card loving, fuel guzzling, capitalist Arabs. Genealogy could prove this.

Unlike when other evil dictators/tyrants were killed, political and security analysts predicted backlash. Fortunately nothing of the sort happened. Al Qaeda lost a few more of it's lieutenants. Headless as it is now, Al Qaeda is now the Nokia of the terrorism industry. Former giant, slipping.

Osama, if you're reading this, I want you to tell all your earthy followers to be wiser.
Ask them to learn from your mistakes.
  • Never record yourself watching porn when you can do it instead. First, it takes the shine off you. Second, it makes you look like a desperate teenager.
  • Never keep all your devious plans to take over the world all in one place. Have you never heard of Online Storage?
  • Encrypt.
  • Be conspicuous. Staying in the largest house in the zip-code with high walls and security is a dead giveaway.
But you need to give the old man credit. He did manage to fool the whole world while he was probably sitting in his 'Made in Pakistan' chuddies ('underwear' to the firangs) and chuckling away.

Predictably Obama on the other hand is still patting himself on his back and using his death to win another term in office. We can't really blame him for that, either.
Operation Geronimo pumped up an otherwise flaccid President, who is seen as a lame duck among his countrymen. But then Americans have never been happy with their Presidents.

I hope he got his 99 virgins when he reached the pearly gates of Paradise.
It would be a shame if he didn't. 

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