Friday, May 18, 2012

The Indian Feud League [138/365]

Source: The Internet
I enjoy watching the WWE. Or rather I used to. The feuds between the Face and the Heel eventually tired me.
The actual fights were far and few in between.

The Indian Premier League is cricket's WWE.
SRK has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this season. Sometime ago, I wondered (aloud) why we let SRK even get away with all the tantrums he throws.
He kicked up a storm by smoking in a stadium during a match. I mean, c'mon. In full glorious view of a billion people, I begin to think if he even realizes that he is a role-model. If not to the millions who worship him, to his children. In the West, smoking in public is such a giveaway to how prehistoric your mind is. I know of several westerners who would be so careful as to not light up even when they are in India.

Besides, some pointers on etiquette, someone's also gotta remind the show-Monkey that IPL is about Cricket and not the fight league.
Roughing up security guards, while serving the choicest 'gallies' will be something that SRK will be (in)famous for a long time. Which got me thinking:
So SRK got really pissed off when a bunch of lowly guards stopped him from sheparding a bunch of gigly teenagers into a restricted zone. I wonder why he didn't rough up the US Customs Agents when they stopped him. Twice. Couple of reasons I can think of.
This is India. He is the King of all he surveys here. He knows he can bully his way through anything he is arrogant enough to demand.
In America, he is just another Asian. If he so much as raises his pinky, he will be thrown out of the western seaboard faster than he can say 'My name is Khan'.

Suck on that, SRK.

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