Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A new low [200/365]

In the past week we saw the men of our nation reach a new low. A random group of men pounced upon a defenceless young girl who couldnt be older than 20, stripping and abusing her in a way that would resemble a pack of hyenas mauling a wildebeest calf.
In a video taken by a cameraman, the girl is seen begging, trying to reason with her attackers, pleading, and running for help to just about anyone she could spot. No one would help her instead we see passersby taking their shots too. After all its not everyday you get to grab the privates of a young girl and get away. The girl is screaming, shrieking in fear and probably wondering why none came to her help. About 30 minutes into the mauling, cops arrive at the scene after a good Samaritan calls to report the assault. Most of the champs have slipped into the crowd that gathered and the cameraman shoves a microphone into he face of the girl for the freshest sound bytes. After all he knew this video could be the money shot. He was right. His video went viral and so did half a dozen other videos that other 'cameramen' took. Some of them were even taking pictures of the 'event' to make sure they captured whatever remained of the girl's modesty for their private voyeur collection.

A couple of days after the incident the men who perpetrated this crime are yet to to caught by an administration that is beyond apathy. After a brief session of mutual finger pointing, and much needed publicity of the incident, I am left wondering what really is happening here.
I mean this is an open and shut case.

Here we have a girl who is probably still a teen who went with her friends to have a good time drinking and partying. It is reported that she had an altercation with a gentleman who was eventually asked to leave by the club security. He lies in wait for the girl to come out, passes a lewd comment which riles up the girl and she may have said something back to him. Infuriated, he starts attacking her with a frenzy. The man's pals pitch in and for good measure. Passersby get their fill too and by the time the now infamous video is taken we can see her top is almost ripped off. We see her scrambling for cover and help and the perpetrators muffling her screams and dragging her to the side to resume the groping and the mauling. 

Recently I watched Piranha and the way the men were taking shots at her, ripping her clothes and hitting her resembled the way the piranhas were feeding off their victims. It makes for excellent entertainment in such a movie but when I saw this happen to another human being, I was outraged, shocked and saddened.

Maybe the cameraman should have been more proactive in getting cops to the scene faster. Surely he did expose an incident that would have otherwise remained just a statistic and an event that's changed the life of the victim for ever. The role of the person is infinitely debatable. But would he have stood and done as little if it was his sister or wife being molested?

Maybe the girl was wrong and foolish in stepping out as late as she did without a male escort. Surely she is too young to be partying that late but she should have definitely used the proper judgement when she stepped out after an altercation. Men from the northeast are quite the boisterous handful.

Surely the general public that passed by and did nothing is as guilty of the crime as the ones who committed it. While we can say this is a sign of a bigger rot in society, this can also be explained as the syndrome where we tend to think that someone else will take care of this and we wont need to interfere. Or maybe they thought the mob was just -lynching a prostitute/witch, which apparently is quite common in that part of the world.

Whatever the reasoning, the cops showed their true colors when they refused to own up to the crime and instead reasoned otherwise.
But then this is the real rot in our country. We have cops and politicians who are unscrupulous and insensitive.

Shamefully, we are yet to arrest all the perpetrators despite their pictures being plastered across the country. And in the event that they do get caught, I doubt if any of them will have any remorse or if our courts will have the nerve to make an example out of them.

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