Monday, July 16, 2012

The 'Favor Power' [198/365]

About a decade ago, when I started working I was determined. I wanted to be a Writer.
Across the years, my career has grown in leaps and bounds.
Many months ago, as I achieved another milestone in my career I began thinking.
What did I have in myself that made me eligible for this?
What was it that gave me an advantage over the hundreds who applied for the same job? What made me special?

Have you been in a situation where you think you had that amazing stroke of luck that made you stand out?
Have you felt like you have that 'something' that helps you overcome obstacles and grab opportunities and accomplish your dreams?
While most people would call it 'good fortune', I believe this is His 'favor power'.

When I look back at where I am today, I know that I had God's favor on me. Against incredible odds and tribulations, I came out smelling like roses.
It wasn't my own merit, but His 'favor power' working in my life.
Surely, I do not have the level of education or the amount of experience that my colleagues have, but I know I have the Creator of the universe working in my favor and frankly that's all that matters. I know my Creator has put that special 'something' in me that will take me further than my harshest critics can ever go.

When you realise that you have this advantage, you will go out each day not intimidated by that bully at work, not discouraged by what your worst opponents say but with your head held high. When you know the Creator of this universe is backing you up every moment of every day, you will walk with that spring in your step, quietly confident and in the knowledge that you will always have what it needs to excel.

You surely may not have all the knowledge or the experience that your job requires you to have. You may have managers who bully you into submission. You may even have colleagues who are non cooperative, but when you honor the Lord you will outperform those individuals and they will run circles around you. They will end up scratching their heads into thinking what it is with you that you are so successful.

When you have the 'favor power' of the Lord, you have the edge. 
I like to think of my friend who used to serve under a very spiritual businessman who was incredibly rich and philanthropic and was well loved anywhere he went. My friend often accompanied him and whenever he was sent by his boss he walked with his head, carrying himself with grace. Not arrogantly, not thinking he was better than somebody else, but with the quiet confidence that he had his boss's favor in him.

Very often we restrict ourselves by dreaming small. We forget to remember that we are eligible for the gracious hand of God.
We go around praying for that 2 bedroom apartment you want, when God wants us to have all the best things in life.
We are discouraged because of a situation at work, when God wants to prove that we have His favor.
It is when we are in difficult times, that we need to declare His favor.

In Psalm 41, king David says 'I know you favor me, when my enemy does not triumph over me'
Isn't it time we walked in His 'favor power'

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