Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good riddance [201/365]

Indian politics have begun to resemble the WWE.
We have the few 'good' guys fighting the many 'bad' guys. We have enough drama and mayhem to inspire even the most out of luck dimwitted scriptwriter.

As India's first female President finishes her term at Raisina Hill, what she leaves behind is a legacy of corruption, nepotism and charges of causing loss to the national exchequer. 

Begin, the latest feud over who gets to replace her.
Like a well publicized pay-per-view event, the ruling coalition fields its aging finance minister.
And on the other side of the squared ring, we have the former Speaker of the house.

For reasons obvious, the ruling coalition has a massive advantage over his opponent who has nothing but good oratorical skills and the tag of being tribal.
The speed at which Pranab Mukherjee resigned from his ministerial post and the half dozen other 'posts of gain' smacks of a certain disdain for serving the people in a time when our economy looks like my kitchen sink after a party.
After having made a mush of the Indian economy, the haste at which he left makes it look like he was in a tearing hurry to get out of a sinking ship. So why did Sonia choose PM? Probably, because it would make more sense to install an aging puppet at the Rastrapati Bhavan than to hope of a return to power at the Parliament anytime soon. After all, she did have Manmohan at the helm of things for a while now and as his magic begins to wane, Pranabda makes for an excellent replacement.

Against these odds, Sangma doesn't stand a chance. Playing his tribal card as he did, was a gross mistake that made him look like a competitor unworthy of representing an India that as diverse as it is progressive. Pranabda, on the other hand, is an astute politician with a knack of being at the right place at the right time. Adept and shrewd, he was no-one's pushover. Having to choose between the two, Pranab Mukherjee is the lesser evil of the two.

God forbid a president whose only credentials is that he is the former Speaker of the house and a tribal leader. Sangma definitely lacks the experience or the charisma to hold a post that can represent a country that has progressed inspite of its politicians and not because of it.

I can only hope that Pranab Mukherjee resists the temptation of corruption and the hand of his puppet mistress/master.

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