Thursday, July 26, 2012

The mudsling [208/365]

Source: The Internet
Exactly when did we trade our balls away?
'Time', one of the North America's leading news magazine decided to shine it's moral torch on our politicians and featured a cover story on Manmohan singh which described him as an 'Underachiever'.
Great! now we've even got the village idiot calling us names.

While I am not sure what our politicians really think of this, many armchair activists took offence. And rightly so. Calling names and abusing India is our birthright. One that we fought for and won. A few weeks from now, Outlook will give 'India's answer to Time' by calling Obama, an Underachiever. Well done, India!

We don't need a magazine like Time or Outlook labeling our politicians. Never mind journalism that reflects our thoughts, neither can claim to have a moral right to even evaluate eachother's moral and political lives. By calling Manmohan an underachiever, Time has erred.
Reading the article, I could get the distinct feeling that the article was written by a journalist who didn't really care to know the person he was reviewing. His story was superficial and his theory mere personal opinions. It is true that Mr Singh has fallen from grace. Many times. But having read about him from people who knew him closely, I can say that he is more righteous than most politicians around him. If he has gone south in our moral compasses, it is only because of the unholy compulsions of the people around him. He was merely a puppet with many owners. As a person who rarely defended himself, he measured his words every time he spoke and that is the sign of a great statesman.
When Outlook did a tit for political tat, we came across as a bunch of people who'd rather fight a silly magazine than terrorists. Obama is certainly not an underachiever and surely many of the reasons why he is failing is very similar to what plagues our premier. If he has failed in his election manifesto, it is because he was either too naive or too ambitious. Either way you look at it, he was definitely one of the best president the country has had in a few decades. I doubt he would have been capable of wiping out America's debt or other social inadequacies in just one term. He was simply inheriting all of them.

Nonetheless, Time simply put a mirror to us. While I doubt if Mr Singh will delve on it, as a nation of people who are always out to please the West, the story was a slap on our emotional cheeks. While young Congress party workers burned copies of Time, Outlook took up our cause and proved that we are also a nation of sore losers.

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