Friday, July 27, 2012

Who's that girl? [209/365]

Today, as India proudly paraded 83 of her finest athletes, a lady in red stole the limelight.

What followed was anarchy.
The Indian Olympic chief was livid. The hosts fumbled. The athletes looked clueless and uninterested. For the first time, they were there for the medals and nothing else.
'Who's that girl?' We asked.
Pat came the answer, she was one of us.

In our own inimitable style, we wanted to know who gave her the authority to steal our moment. Her family fled their home as news-hungry journos thronged her home in Bangalore. Neighbors and just about anyone who knew her name lamented at how 'she became like this'. The allegations are earth-moving- 'She has embarrassed us in front of the world (sic)...'. Well, Mr Raja, rest assured that we have already done might well in the 'embarrassing ourselves' department since the past couple of years. Must I remind you of the mess called CWG?

But I ask. Why this fuss?
I mean, she did manage to add style and pizazz to the contingent. She looked smart and very cosmo! Ofcourse, she has been labelled 'over-excited' by a trigger happy media, but what the heck. She might even get a million dollar book deal in the next year and we'll pick another scapegoat soon.

So, until we get our first Oly gold or until the lady in red returns to Bangalore, whichever comes first, we will continue to ruminate on how 'this lady hogged all the limelight'.

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