Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Creative Visualization: Sexta parte [234/365]

After a lengthy hiatus, I return to pass judgement on some of the advertisements on TV.

With the Oly just behind us, one advt that I simply loved for its 'heart' value was the P&G advert 'To their moms, they'll always be Kids'. With a brilliant background score and the sheer emotions it wells up inside of you this ad is at the top of my list this post. What an incredible way to portray an irrefutable truth!

Citi on its bicentennial year released an advt that was both rousing and endearing. Some really neat montages, a good tune, great narration and the advt makes you want to rush to open a new account at the nearest Citibank atm.

But off all the ads, the latest Nokia advt for its colorful accessories take the cake. Nicely trimmed with an original composition, it was compelling and fun at the same time. At the end of the ad, I wanted to rush to buy one of the Bluetooth thingies for my android.

And when we talk about endearing, the Dairy Milk advts are cute and very personal. You may not get the storylines the first time, but you'll surely get it the next time you watch. Its just a chocolate bar but the thought that goes behind each of the advt makes you attach a special recall feeling the next time you see one at your friendly neighborhood grocer/pharmacy.

The Vodafone delights advts are really thoughtful. I especially loved the one where the sweet ol' man make a aircraft out of scrap for his young friend for his birthday. While most networks do send a card to their subscribers on their birthdays, Vodafone probably is the only one that goes the extra mile and toots its horn.

While there has been a lot of thought and creativity going into ads, a few of them made me cringe. The latest advt promoting how you need to build a new house around your precious
Kohler bath fittings is disgusting. I can almost guess the creator of this advt watched Mr&Mrs
Smith the night before he created this disaster. There are so many things disturbing about this advt that I won't even torture myself penning it down.

With the sheer number of Bollywood actors doing advts now, I fear the time is not too far away when advertisers and ad-film makers won't have any true blue models to choose from.
I would also like to pay tribute to some ads that read my mind and disappeared- Most SRK and Ash ads (not that anyone's complaining), ad of a certain jewelry brand and Idea 3G (they could've capitalized on the Great Indian Outage).

All said, our fetish with fair skin flourishes. Thank you, Piggy chops.

Until next time, its adieus


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Kohler bath fittings is disgusting ad makers have still made a point by making you/viewer to not to pen down but still you will remember the ad/brand

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