Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enough is Enough [236/365]

Lance Armstrong. A name that will symbolize perseverance and endurance.
Today, that name will also symbolize a rot in our governance- Of making an example.

After fighting a decade long dope claims, he finally threw in the towel.
Critics will say this is a sign of acceptance of guilt. Supporters will mourn how one of the finest cyclist became the victim of witch-hunt. What this surely does mean is that Lance will be stripped of all his titles and be handed a lifetime ban on competitive cycling.

I've never seen Lance in action but having being a part of the cycling community for over five years, I can say how he is to cycling what Maria Sharapova is to tennis. When I read the news, I can say I could understand the toll it took and the reason behind his decision. I uttered a prayer for him in my heart and lauded him for the courage he had in taking such a decision. I also laughed at how you can always be the victim of witch-hunt no matter how good you are, where-ever you are.

Lance spoke of the trauma and the pain that his family and relatives had to go through because of the allegations. I can understand that.
He spoke of how the allegations were affecting his work amongst cancer patients and survivors. I can understand that too.

While his critics will now have say 'See, I told you so' at the way Lance gave up, I think this will be the first time he will truly sigh in relief.

So, does it matter whether he doped? Does it change the fact that he has and continue to inspire millions of cyclists and cancer survivors the world over? Does it in any way malign the incredible work his Foundation has done among cancer victims? Does it matter that he will be banned from cycling? I don't think so.

Playing the devil's advocate, even if we are to assume that the USADA was right and Lance did all the heinous things that they claim, prosecuting him will not deter future cheats. Or does it?

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