Friday, August 03, 2012

Get Lost Mallika! [216/365]

Source: Maxim India
Mallika Sherawat: Hollywood wannabe.

She's acted in a dozen Bollywood movies in roles that don't give you much to write home about. She is one of the many Indian actresses who are 'trying' to crossover to Hollywood. Well good luck with that, Ms Sherawat.

There is something about the lady that is raw sewage-like. Not known for her discretion, she rattled most readers when she proclaimed how Mumbai is so unhygienic (sic). A statement like that coming from a woman who came to the city looking for a break in Bollywood makes you want to puke.

But I'm not surprised. We see a lot of Indians who go abroad to work/study suddenly turn squeamish about India. Granted our nation can never become a 'Singapore', but bad mouthing your country is such a rookie mistake.

During a recent movie promotion, she could barely restrain herself from gloating about her LA lifestyle. Ask her about any substantial Hollywood projects she might be working on, and she might just shut up. But then with all the parties that she is going to, it could get difficult to work in a movie.

I don't think she realizes this but she is simply the most high profile Indian sl*t in Hollywood. Nothing more, nothing less.

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