Saturday, August 04, 2012

Hungry [217/365]

Anna Hazare. About a year ago, the name struck fear in the hearts of politicians across India.
Millions of people were awestruck at how a short pudgy man in a gandhi topi could almost singlehandedly re-ignite the fire of patriotism in their hearts.

A quick reality check today reveals that most of the charisma that he had has started to wane off. Much to the delight of our politicians.
Today as Anna fasts, I can imagine his thoughts-
Where did I go wrong? When did I loose the plot? Why am I failing?

Corruption is an exceptional problem and hence requires an exceptional solution. Anna has had his wins against corruption but he missed his window of opportunity to implement his theory. His approach was flawed.
Pressure tactics seldom works. While he succeeded in pinning the government into submission, internal bickering stopped him from taking the countdown. He simply didn't anticipate the forces that ripped apart his movement from within.

So does he still have a chance against corruption?
I think he does. But by calling all politicians corrupt, he has effectively alienated anyone who could have helped his cause. Team Anna must realign to their goals they set for themselves last year - an India without corruption.

What will it take for us to uproot corruption?
Lots of determination and consistency. Team Anna must campaign and work towards removing the incentive for corruption. Millions of civil servants go for many months without pay or benefits while ministers lavish themselves with perks, bonuses  and travel. How can a government official resist the bribe?

The task is uphill and the goals are there for all to see. How long we take to get there is what matters.

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