Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do [227/365]

Source: folitics.in
Originality be damned. It pays to copy.
Anna tried to copy Gandhi. Baba tried to copy Anna. 
Gandhi - 1. Others - 0
Sherlyn copied Poonam. Poonam tried to copy Larissa Riquelme
Larissa - 1. Others - 0

A year ago, hairy baba molly cuddled with  Anna as he whipped up the crowds into a frenzy and decided to fast as well. Well, good for him. Looking at how well versed he is with yoga, a few days without food shouldn't really be a big deal. The gamble paid off. Anna and the Baba virtually brought the government to its knees. Cut to 2012, I bet neither of them saw how their fortunes could turn.

In several posts last year, I wrote about how Anna could fail in his fight unless they stayed focused on their goals. As Anna tapped out of a fight that started with earnestness, Baba tagged himself him. He made a lot of noise. When none of it really got him any of the attention he hoped he would get, he excused himself a'la Anna.
I'm surprised how the media and millions of his supporters believe he has made any change.

In the meanwhile, neither he nor Anna ever got the government to implement any sweeping changes that could have stemmed the rot. Instead what they have done is to force the corrupt to adopt a better strategy against future revolutions.

While I wont suspect Anna's intent, I believe future defenders of our freedom could take lessons out of misses that he and his team made. He believed that by copying Gandhi's method of non-violence, he could be the savior that modern India needed. And I won't blame him for being ambitious. His strategy did work initially.

Ambition can be a tricky thing.
Take for instance, Sherlyn Chopra.
Seeing how none of her body parts were making the news for a while, Sherlyn did what Poonam would do- get naked and tweet.
This time, however, Sherlyn managed a coup d'├ętat by posing nude for Playboy. Hefner, the luckiest horny man in the world, was happy. While the world will get to see all of Ms Chopra this November, if any of his former playmates are to be believed, Hefner will have surely made paisa vasool of the whole 'opportunity'.

But then, posing in Playboy is no mean feat. PETA darling and global swimsuit sweetheart Pamela Anderson did it. And so did Marlyn Monroe and a bunch of other beauty queens. Playboy is a must for any teenager with raging hormones and any man with supercharged sex drive. For the bodies models it is a wonderful once in a lifetime platform. If she hasn't already got one, she'll surely get a Bollywood movie, couple of sex tapes and a few reality shows post this spread. But I won't hold my breath hoping to see Sherlyn metamorphose into a star of any substance in this lifetime.

Imitation could very well be the sincerest form of flattery.

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