Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our trigger happy cousins [243/365]

Cultural references are funny and incredibly predictable.
Every time I speak to an American, one of the few things they confess is how much they loved 'Slumdog Millionaire'. They quickly followup with 'So is it like that in real-life too?'
But as cultural references go, the Americans are choc-o-bloc with some colorful past-times. If cross-continental car chases were in vogue, the past decade has been one of mass shootings. 
Igniting the debate on gun control was the midnight shooting of theater goers at the latest Batman sequel in July, the Gurudwara shooting earlier this month, the suited gunman who killed his former co-worker and now, the shoot-out at Texas A&M University.
Source: Gold is Money

Interestingly, gun control proponents like to point out that there is gun related violence even in states with tough gun control laws, I think the crisis is more endemic.
It could be a coincidence that there has been a spate of gun related massacres in the last couple of months and years, and the way I look at it, it is the result of a trigger-happy government that is unwilling to rein in their weapons manufacturers. The citizens of a nation emulate their leaders. When a country allows its guilty to amass obscene amounts of money and refuses to punish them when proved guilty, then the citizens of that nation will have no moral compulsions bribing and being bribed. When a country follows a global policy of bullying while selling arms and ammunition in the name of policing, then its citizens are brought to believe that guns are as American as apple pie.

In a twisted way, we are not very different from the Yankees. Both of our politicians are weak kneed and lily-livered puppets in the hands of powerful businesses and political handlers.

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