Sunday, August 26, 2012

The city of a thousand stink [239/365]

Two decades ago, Bangalore was known as a city of Gardens and a Pensioner's Paradise.
Ten years ago, India's Silicon City.
Today, it earns a new sobriquet for itself- Stink City.

Even as the city reels with a water crisis, there are a lot of reasons why its citizens won't see the light of a solution for its garbage. Ruled by land-sharks and businessmen masquerading as politicians, the city has gone from being one city with broad lanes and a thousand lakes to that where pedestrians won't dare step out.

Landlocked with such culture, heritage, and blessed with weather that would make any visitor its fan, Bangalore is a fine example of how you can run a city into the drain.
We are plagued with power outages, inefficient administrators, potholed roads and crime anywhere you turn.

When you look for a home, you no longer ask if that area has steady running water and facilities, but you silently pray that it gets better and quieter. You no longer ask if there is a hospital or a school nearby but if the garbage will be collected and cleared on time.

Garbage segregation and trash collection in Bangalore is a myth. A couple of years ago, there used to a show on television called 'Faking it'. Today, as our politicians fake it and duel within themselves, the real issues are being white-washed over. Landfills are exhaustible and it does not take a genius to realize that. Segregation and recycling are not terms from sci-fi anymore. Dozens of countries and millions of households around the world are already doing their bit. While Indians have always been known to reuse and refuse, if our overflowing garbage bins and spots are any indication, I am beginning to think our garbage is the same as our corruption. There isn't a single person who can clear up the muck that we all contribute to. Our scavengers (holy cows included) are however having new items on their menu.

Bangalore- City of hundred dead lakes, thousand holy cows and a million tons of garbage.
Let's toast to that!

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