Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three steps back [229/365]

Today's post is about two women.

The first victim, a 26 year old mother on her way back home was kidnapped in plain sight of a thousand people, bundled into a minivan, blindfolded and gang-raped for several hours until she was 'dumped' at the spot where she was kidnapped. This glorious incident happened in Didi's Kolkata.
The second is that of a 28 year old researcher who was found unconscious in the bed of a male colleague. Although the finger of suspicion points towards the male colleague, the victim refuses to be examined for proof of sexual assault. This happened at IIT Mumbai.

Both are victims of a crime so repulsive that we choose not to do anything about it.
I'm sure we all hate hearing about women getting raped. But we are simply too weak-kneed to do anything about it. Instead of ensuring we punish the guilty as swiftly as possible, the apex court of the country banned all vehicles from using sun-film on their windows. The court's contention was that there were too many women being raped within cars that had their windows darkened by sun-film. Big effing deal. Going by how women are still getting raped, I don't think sun-film was to blame. The bastards now are doing it within the comfort of their bedrooms. Whats next? The Supreme Court will tell us that we are not supposed to have curtains in our bedrooms?

In the event when the rape is obvious, the stigma that follows is humungous. You are seen as a facilitator of another man's lust and never a victim of a crime. You dressed provocatively and spoke loosely. He was simply following all the 'cues' that you were throwing out to him. You are the dispensable part of our lives. We need you to give birth to our sons. That's all.

In a couple of decades and when it is too late, we will realize that, perhaps, we should have protected you better. Respected you a little more and provided for you a little more.

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