Sunday, September 02, 2012

Deja Vu! [246/365]

That familiar feeling.
Forget the fact that our nation's industrial production is shrinking .
Lets forgive our beloved MPs for paralyzing the parliament.
Lets not even remember that many of our States are almost on the verge of a drought.
Lets all flock to Sherlyn and Poonam. Its amazing what you can do today if you have a pair of boobs, good cleavage and absolutely no shame.

Ms Chopra today 'confessed' via her twitter handle that she has had sex with men, much of which was not of her own free will. As if to soothe any ruffled feathers, she ends with a conciliatory statement that she is a changed person with a shift in the level of consciousness (sic). Right, you want us to believe that, eh?!

Not one to let her 'Most downloaded model on the internet' tag be usurped, Ms PP promptly uploaded a montage of her in her morning underwear glory. Score!

Well, there are a couple of yarns to this.
One- Sherlyn's 'confession' is nothing but a tactical move. You don't just catch a bus to The Mansion. You sleep your way through. Sherlyn, my dear. Tell us something new, something we didn't already know. Like, the story of how you begged.
Two- After seeing one of Asia's hottest porn export to the West (aka Sunny Leone) up close, I don't think Sherlyn could hold a candle close to her. Sunny is a professional. Sherlyn is a wannabe who will probably never get halfway there anyway. And this 'confession' surely made sure that she is 'trending' until her next confession/declaration.
Three- Models like this have to push their envelopes. This will probably be their only claim to fame. Their only legacy to their children ... hmm, never-mind.
Four- India is perhaps the only country in the East where wannabes like Sherlyn and PP can get away with such ridiculously contrite statements. Google Natt Chanapa.

But c'mon, we are not all a bunch of prudes, you see. Most Indian men/women will deny they watch porn or have lecherous thoughts about women/men. They will be the same people who will burn posters in protest because women like PP spoil the Indian culture.  The tiny minority will however tell you that they do watch a healthy dose of porn and be able to judge antics like this in the right way- By ignoring them.

I wonder what motormouth Rakhi Sawant is saying about this. O My Jejus!

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