Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The money-plant [270/365]

My girlfriend is an avid gardener. She loves collecting exotic species of plants and after two years of collecting and some TLC, our balcony garden is now the greenest of them all. We have flowers of every hue and size blooming every other day. Ofcourse, we also have the slimy slugs that invaded our garden a few months ago, but our balcony is truly a wonderful place to spend an evening.

While she loves flowering plants, I love creepers, specially one that is called 'money-plant'. I guess it is the name that intrigued me. Why would you call a plant that does not sprout money or serve any practical purpose such? My partner tells me that we are supposed to steal a money plant for it to work its 'aura' in our house. So after stealing the shoots of several money plants from friends and relatives, we finally have half a dozen money-plants on our two balconies. Ideally, this means we need to be rich by now.

Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees. And our PM just confirmed that. Duh!
So where exactly is all money in? Ofcourse in coal, iron-ore, spectrum and other resources of national importance. Nonetheless this statement has got the opposition rolling on the floor laughing. Real mature, I know.

Surely the PM meant well when he said we need to contain subsidies to propel our economy ahead. But I can bet he never imagined all the guffaws and limericks that he got for saying the truth.

Okay, so does the PM really need our undivided attention while he tries to bring peace into an unruly classroom when there is just 5 minutes for recess? I think he does. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how parties that bring the nation to a grinding halt must be penalized. One of my reader was outraged. He wrote how I was being pretentious. He reasoned that the UPA doesn't deserve to be forgiven because of the way they have looted the nation in the 2 terms they have ruled. My answer: Well, so did any other party in power.

The truth is as long as we entrust our freedom and our resources to people who know they cannot be held accountable, we put ourselves at the risk of being cheated. This is as true as it is in India as it is the US of A. The only difference is the way we treat the guilty. In the US, a politician can bid his career adieu if he is proven guilty. Here, politicians are never guilty as long as they are in power. What happens when they loose power is a totally different story.

As long as we have people who think caste-based reservations and subsidies are necessary and as long as we have politicians who can't see beyond their own yardsticks, we are doomed to be citizens of a third world country.

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