Monday, October 29, 2012

Hog Wash [303/365]

Unless you've been buried 6ft under, you wouldn't have missed all the hype and hooplah about the Great Indian Shake. And no, I am not talking about Deepika's shake but about the much planned yet delayed rejig in the central government.

It was widely rumored that the most powerful Indian son, Rahul Gandhi would have a right of say in picking his playmates (seriously, no pun intended). Like a bad SRK movie, after months of frenzied hype the changes that happened on Sunday was an anti-climax. Everyone yawned.

So what did we really expect? We expected Rahul to move up and take charge of the old man's club so that we can see some eye candy in the near future. Besides, after what he had done for the boy scouts er... Youth Congress, the expectations were quite high.
What happened instead was a bunch of oldies where shifted like pawns in a bad game of chess. I never even realized we had such interesting portfolios in the government.

Which brings to me an interesting question- Why did some of the ministers quit?
The version we were told is that they wanted to make way for the younger brigade and work for the party. I don't know what they meant by young but I bet they would be beating themselves in private seeing how 'young' the new replacements are.
Thank God, we still don't have the life expectancy of the Japanese.

At first glance, this is surely as populist a move as there could be. Can bringing in ministers who have absolutely no idea really help our cause?

Maybe, there should be a way where we could select and recall our ministers in the future so that we don't leave it to people who are compelled to play casteist and regional politics.

In the mayhem that followed, it was announced that there would be more changes in the week ahead. It is rumored (again) that Rahul will be made General Secretary. And everyone's looking excited again. Yes, we are easy to please.

RG Jr does look adorable and he fumbles every bit like his dad. His famous mommy is firmly in control and the top seat is almost within his grasp.
So, maybe in the distant future when the water is calmer, Rahul will finally become the PM.
...and history will repeat itself.

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