Friday, October 12, 2012

Of rapes and candle-light vigils [287/365]

In a country where we don't like our women, it is strange that we love to rape them. 
It appears that we don't want them to live a dignified life but as mere instruments of our unbridled lust. We don't want them to work or earn the same jobs that we do, we hate their guts and love to 'share' news of how that girl in your office is sleeping around when she gets ahead in her career.
But the moment you get a lady under you (no pun intended) you begin to think of ways to exploit her trust in you. We want our women to be locked inside the four walls and balconies of our homes. We want them to cook, clean and care of us and our offspring. Oh yeah, we also want them to bear atleast 4 kids who must have your surname and her sweat and tears.

Our ministers are no better. While I won't blame the men since Indian politicians are all of the same sewer, one Haryana minister kicked up dust when she said "I have no hesitation to say that 90% of the girls go with consent. They find criminal-minded people later (who rape them). The girls don't realise that there are 5-10 boys (waiting for them),". Gee, so I guess this means she will be sending her consenting daughters to be raped too. 
This was in reaction to why Haryana has taken over the moniker of rape capital after having 19 reported rapes in 30 days and 8 in the last 4 days.

To be fair, I think the statistics would be barely a fraction of what is really happening. It could be just a case of more victims finding the courage to report than previously. Most states in the north have had the notorious reputation of men who rape and go scot-free. Many women that I've spoken to dread visiting States like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta while women who migrate from the north find the south too demure for their taste.

Unfortunately, crimes against women will forever be one of our enduring legacy unless we learn to treat every single woman as preciously as we ought to treat our mothers and sisters.

Candle-light vigils won't do anymore.

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