Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Home Truths [295/365]

The past couple of months have been a spiritual experience. I have faced some of my most fearsome demons and come out unscathed.
Through much I've relearned some worldly truths, which I'll try to list here:

Fact: You'll always have atleast one bully in your life. It could be in your high school or in your workplace.
Truth: Tyrants and bullies never got ahead in life. Ever.

Fact: You'll always have another chance at life.
Truth: You'll need lots of patience to get that chance.

Fact: You'll always be alone at some point in your day.
Truth: You'll need to have the grace to accept your frailties when you are all alone.

Fact: No matter what anyone else tells you, you will need to make some important mistakes in your life.
Truth: Experience is good learning from bad mistakes.

Fact: Bad people get all the good stuff
Truth: Only true on earth.

Fact: Your ex always seem to be having a wonderful life after you.
Truth: Only the foot knows where the shoe pinch

Fact: Don't judge a book by its covers.
Truth: Always True!

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