Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bloody British Coitus (BBC) [306/365]

BBC has been quintessentially British for close to a hundred years now. And like all things British, controversies have dogged them like a shadow with a bad attitude. Indeed!

Two words - Jimmy Savile.
Another two words- Sexual harassment

In a decade that has seen its fortunes go south, the last thing BBC would need is another lawsuit.
So while Jimmy is dead and long gone, I wonder how much this scandal would accomplish. Not much. Can they throw him in jail posthumously? Doubt that.

I wonder what took the authorities and the victims so long to come out into the open.
Why did they wait for a year until after he died to press charges? Talk about grasping the wind with your left fist.

I can definitely understand why BBC would have chosen to play down this scandal but for a news organization that prides itself on telling the truth, this coverup revealed how shallow the company really is.

So what does this investigation aim to achieve besides salacious details of his romps with underage girls?
Perhaps we could admit it that celebrities are ordinary people thrust into the spotlight and have all the frailties and temptations that normal people have.
We know of many young women who throw themselves at movie stars and any one worth a couple of reams. So what is wrong if some of them actually utilize the 'opportunity' and accept the 'invitation'.

Were the young girls who were being molested aware that Jimmy was screwing them up (literally and otherwise)? I think yes. Children have an instinct about themselves to know when adults do things that they are not supposed to do. They do revolt. The only difference is that their voices can be muffled.

Today, as I sit to write this post, I think of the many visuals of women drooling over men and allowing themselves to be taken on TV and I am convinced that we are raising a generation of girls who think it is right to be sexually used by men.

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